We perform over 3000 surgery interventions every year

eye surgeries
  • Cataract surgery.* The duration of the surgery is about 7 minutes. All surgeries are with local anesthesia and without hospitalization;
    • Ultrasonic phacoemulsification and foldable (collapsible) monofocal IOL implant: spherical, aspherical, toric, ultra-microincision;
    • Ultrasonic phacoemulsification and foldable (collapsible) multifocal IOL implant: bifocal, trifocal, custom toric (available upon order);
    • Ultrasonic phacoemulsification and unfoldable IOL implant (PMMA), monofocal;
    • Ultrasonic phacoemulsification and IOL implant unfoldable by the previous chamber.
  • Secondary IOL iris claw or of previous chamber;*
  • Artificial lens explant surgery;*
  • IOL implant surgery with iris;*
  • IOL repositioning;*

*These surgeries need medical tests. See list of tests
* Surgeries can be paid in installments without interest through Avantaj Card – CREDIT EUROPE BANK or Star BT Card – TRANSILVANIA BANK. Details at