Established in 1991, Ama Optimex Ophthalmology Clinic is one of the first private ophthalmology clinics in Romania. At a time when few thought of an alternative to the public health system, Prof. Amarelia Filip and Dr. Mircea Filip dared to follow their dream: to be pioneers in private medicine and to develop a modern institution, by introducing last generation medical techniques and equipment to the Romanian market, all for the benefit of as many people as possible.

Years ago, becoming an ophthalmologist, their son, Dr. Andrei Filip, joined them, bringing what a young person brings: enthusiasm, new ideas and permanent introduction of cutting-edge technology.

Our clinic is the first one in Romania and one of the first three centers in Central and Eastern Europe, equipped with the latest generation of the most accurate femtolaser: VisuMax SMILE from Carl Zeiss Meditec since 2014. With the help of this modern technology, we are proud to provide the patients in Romania with the safest refractive surgery methods: FemtoLasik VisuMax (2014), ReLEx SMILE (2014), PRESBYOND (2019)

With the acquisition of this equipment, Ama Optimex Eye Clinic has become the first and only refractive surgery center in Romania to offer complete solutions for the correction of all types of dioptres with the help of the German technology Carl Zeiss Meditec.

Over time, we have introduced on the Romanian market innovations, surgical equipment and materials that were available exclusively in our clinic. Our eye specialists successfully responds to our patients’ needs through professionalism, dedication and last generation technology, focusing on safety, health and comfort

With a great experience and dedication, Conf. Dr. Mircea Filip, at present, the President of the Romanian Society of Ophthalmology, formed a team of elite ophthalmologist.