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We are interested in what was your personal experience and how you evaluate the courtesy and attitude of the staff.

How did you find out about the Ama Optimex clinic?

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Recommendations from friends

How do you appreciate the kindness and attitude of the staff?

Very pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied
Front deskVery pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied
NursesVery pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied
DoctorsVery pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied
CashiersVery pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied
OpticaMedicalaVery pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied

How do you evaluate the quality of the services offered?

Very pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied
The quality of the medical actVery pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied
The quality of services in the opticsVery pleasedPleasedSatisfiedDissatisfied

You intend to recommend our services in the future?

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