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The content of the website www.amaoptimex.ro is protected by legal provisions which regulate the copyright and the copyright-related rights. All materials, including all images, illustrations, articles, texts, graphics, design, audio/video clips, etc., contained in this website are the property of Ama Optimex S.R.L. and are protected by laws relating to the intellectual right, as well as all trademarks and logos the property of Ama Optimex or the license owner.

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The users may use the content of the website only for personal, non-commercial use, or for the readers information or education purposes, is bound to mention the source.

If you want to use the content for commercial purposes, please send a request at the following email address [email protected].


Informing and educating people regarding ophthalmological affections is one of the main objectives of our clinic. Therefore,  printed and online publications, televisions, radios and blogs can retrieve information from this website for the purposes of informing and educating readers, respecting the following conditions:

Mentioning the source:

  • Ama Optimex ophthalmology clinic” and/or the name of the physician, in case the information is retrieved from an article written by a physician of our clinic; If for reasons of publicity, it is not possible to mention the clinic, it remains compulsory to mention the name of the doctor;
  • If for publicity reasons, it is not possible to mention the clinic, the obligation to provide the name of the physician shall remain valid;
  • We would appreciate if online publications and blogs add a link to our website to the source, www.amaoptimex.ro (to the homepage or to one of its sections).

Types of information and how they can be used:

  • Any piece of medical information (text or picture) or information on the clinic can be retrieved, except the opinions of the patients/visitors of sections „What do patients say” or of section „Forum”. In order to retrieve this information, please send a request to [email protected];
  • The retrieved information can be used in quotes or can be paraphrased, provided that the source is mentioned;
  • Online publications and blogs can retrieve information without paraphrasing, but it is mandatory to use it as a quote and to be classified as such, by mentioning the source, up to the limit of 500 characters (signs). If the texts are paraphrased, only the obligation on the mentioning of the source shall remain valid;
  •  For further information, please contact us at [email protected].

The users of this website may share on the social networks the medical information of this site, but not the information/opinions of other users provided that they use a link to the site and only for personal or for information and education purposes.

Individuals or written or online publications, blogs, televisions or radios which use or retrieve information (texts and pictures) of this site and which do not fulfil the specific requirements provided by this document shall be punished according to the legislation in force. It is prohibited to retrieve and use the information for illegal, dangerous, malicious, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or vulgar, defamatory, racist, xenophobic purposes or for purposes which damage in any way the clinic, patients, partners or any other persons –these cases being punished according to the laws in force.

Ama Optimex S.R.L. assumes no liability for such cases, not be held liable for the actions of third parties.


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Ama Optimex S.R.L. shall not be held liable for the use of any links to other websites, which are found on the website, and either for the content thereof.

The information on the services and their prices are provided for information purposes and does not represent a contract offer. You can get detailed information by telephone or email, by using the contact data made available in the Contact section.


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Commercial communications

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Other communications

Any communication or non-personal material submitted by users to this website, including any comments, questions, suggestions, observations, ideas or other similar information, will be treated as non-confidential information and shall be used by Ama Optimex S.R.L. to improve the services, without any claim from the user who transmitted them.