Tests necessary for the surgery

  • CBC;
  • VHB;
  • VHC;
  • ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY / ECHOCARDIOGRAM /  CARDIAC ULTRASOUND, a recent EKG (not older than one month) and CARDIOLOGICAL CONSULTATION accompanied by the consent of the cardiologist for ophthalmic surgery.

In order to prevent the spread of Covid, it is MANDATORY to bring with you one of the following, the day of the surgery:

  • proof of vaccination (including booster) older than 10 days;
  • result of antibody test not older than 90 days;
  • negative result of COVID TEST (it can also be a quick test) not older than 48 hours, issued by an accredited laboratory!

ATTENTION: Analyses are absolutely mandatory for all surgeries, except for those that refer to the reduction of diopters with laser, where blood tests are not needed. Do not drink coffee on the surgery day!

If the patient:

  • comes to the surgery without analyses, the surgery can be postponed;
  • is undergoing medical treatment, for other conditions, it should also be given on the day of surgery;
  • is under treatment with anticoagulants, you need to talk to your doctor or cardiologist about the replacement of the treatment during surgery.

All surgeries are done with local anesthesia, with injection or droplets, and without hospitalisation, the surgery being supervised by the anesthesiologist.